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New… The Only Automatic Water Care System for Your Hot Tub!


  • Harsh Hot Tub Chemicals
  • Foul Chlorine and Chloramine Odors
  • Red Irritated Eyes and Itchy Skin
  • Hours of Chemical Balancing
  • Foaming
  • Swimwear Fading

Aero-Spa® Provides the Hot Tub Experience You Deserve!

Save Time and Money

Risk-Free 90-Day Trial!


Only $99.50/Mo



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Enjoy for the Spa Season NOW

Most hot tub owners will spend an average of $600 on hot tub chemicals every year

Less Time Maintaining – More Time Enjoying!

Easy to Install in Minutes Without Tools!

Aero-Spa® is designed to fit any existing hot tub. The patent pending design features an ozone generator that diminishes the need for harsh hot tub chemicals and the hours spent balancing and testing the ph level of your water. Most hot tub owners are discouraged by the amount of effort required to maintain hot tub chemicals.

Eliminate the Cost and Work of Hot Tub Chemicals

The average owner spends about 30 hours of time annually related to hot tub chemicals. This includes adding and balancing, purchasing the hot tub chemicals and changing the hot tub water. While operating your system on hot tub chemicals, the water should be changed 4 – 6 times per year. With the Aero-Spa® high output ozone generator system, the water will remain crystal clear for years. In addition to crystal clear water all of the time you will not experience the skin and eye irritation and the damage to your swim wear caused by concentrated hot tub chemicals.

How Technology & Engineering Can Change Everything

The method of maintaining water with hot tub chemicals is as old as the hot tub itself. There has been some incremental improvements in hot tub chemicals; however, there is still some significant maintenance and cost required. The method of cleaning water with ozone was successfully applied in 1893, so it’s use is proven and well known. Over the past few decades ozone has been used as a supplement to hot tub chemicals, primarily because the ozone generators used were relatively low output devices. Aero-Spa® has engineered the product and method of applying ozone to a hot tub to ensure crystal clear water all of the time with little or no effort.

  • Improves water clarity, your tub will always have sparkling clear water.
  • Eliminates foul chlorine / chloramine odors.
  • Eliminates chemical related red irritated eyes and dry itchy skin
  • Eliminates foaming
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StatisticsReview of Aero Spa LLC    

This is the greatest thing I have gotten for our hot tub. I spent more time trying to get everything to balance it was so frustrating. Now I check it once a week and everything is GREAT ! The water is beautiful all the time. It was worth every cent.

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 Sesigned and Assembled in USA
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