Using Chlorine or Bromine as Primary Sanitizer?

Many hot tub owners rely on chlorine or bromine as the primary sanitizer for their hot tub. Unfortunately only if the system is monitored and balanced very frequently can you have confidence that the water is safe. If you are testing the system every day you may be o.k. Some homeowners think that if they can smell the chlorine in the water it is safe. This is not the case. If you smell a strong chemical odor you are most likely smelling the chloramines, the bi-product of used up chlorine. This indicates that there is insufficient chlorine to sanitize the hot tub water.

Hiring a Water Technician to Balance your Hot Tub Water?

Dirty hot tub water

Does your Hot tub water look like this between water technician service calls? … Not Good!

Many hot tub owners become tired of maintaining their water chemistry. They make the decision to hire a professional service company to balance the water. These technicians may understand how to manage the water chemistry during their visit, however, the issue is that the water can become fouled very quickly. The technician has no control over the water quality between visits. So is the water really safe between the adjustments?




The Easy Way to Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean

Water treated with ozone

Keep your Hot Tub water crystal clear all of the time … effortlessly!

The real solution to ensure your hot tub water is always clean is to use one of nature’s most powerful sanitizer, ozone. Ozone is 3,125 times faster than chlorine at killing bacteria and viruses. And, it can be replenished automatically. Using the Aero-Spa™ system as the primary sanitizer and clarifier will ensure the best water quality. You will still keep 1-2 PPM of free chlorine in the water as a residual back-up sanitizer. To put this into perspective, the EPA regulates free chlorine in municipal drinking water between 1-4 PPM. Therefore, 1-2 PPM will be barely noticeable.

Hot Tubs and Rental Homes or Timeshares

If you own a timeshare the Aero-Spa™ ozone system can bring many benefits. First of all, make sure your guests enjoy their stay, including the hot tub experience. A cloudy or worse yet, a “green” hot tub will turn them off and they most likely will not rent from you again. You’ll also want to do your best at keeping the hot tub water safe. You’ll never know who and how your hot tub will be used. Using the Aero-Spa™ ozone system along with best industry practice will minimize the likelihood of an issue.



Make Clean Hot Tub Water Simple

Your hired water technician may resist the use of ozone as the primary water treatment system. He may not understand the power of ozone. He also has a vested interest in selling you chemicals every week or month. I am not telling you to fire your technician, I am suggesting that you make his job a whole lot easier and your hot tub water safer between visits by installing an Aero-Spa™ system!