What is Ozone?

Ozone, or O3, is active oxygen. It is an oxidant that works thousands of times faster than chlorine. The biggest disadvantage of ozone is that it cannot be stored — it must be made as you use it. To get ozone, equipment is used to split the oxygen molecule into to atoms. The atoms reattach themselves to unsplit oxygen molecules, which forms ozone. The leftover third atom is the one that turns into the oxidizing agent. Once the reaction takes place, the ozone becomes oxygen again.

Equipment Installation and Energy Usage

It takes about 15 minutes to install the Aero-Spa™. No tools are needed. The system runs for about an hour every day to clean the water in the hot tub. If you need more because of excessive use of the hot tub, simply change the timer so the system runs longer.
The first thing you might think is, “What is the difference between paying for chemicals and electricity?” The Aero-Spa™ uses 60 watts while running. This is the same amount of power a 60-watt light bulb uses, which amounts to a few cents per day. The Aero-Spa™ puts out enough ozone for any size hot tub.

The Problem with Chemical Sanitizers

The chemicals that you must constantly put into the hot tub to keep the water sanitized not only hurt you and your family, but also hurt the environment. Chlorine and other chemicals can burn the skin and irritate your eyes and sinuses. The chemicals eventually saturate the water, making it impossible to balance the pH. When you empty the hot tub and refill it, you have to start the balancing procedure all over again. Keeping the hot tub water in good condition takes time and money.
Instead of subjecting yourself, your family and the environment to chemicals, you can keep the hot tub sanitized and in balance with ozone — yes, the very same ozone in our upper atmosphere that filters ultraviolet light.


The Aero-Spa™ doesn’t eliminate all maintenance to the hot tub. You still need to vacuum or net any debris in the water. You will also need to brush the interior of the hot tub every week or so. If you keep the hot tub covered, you won’t need to add any chlorine, but if it is exposed to the sun, you will need to maintain a chlorine concentration of 1 to 3 PPM so you can control algae growth.
We recommend that if anyone has any open sores or infections they do not use the hot tub until healed. If they do use the hot tub with these conditions you will need to use a residual sanitizer to prevent spreading of the infection, or cross contamination. About 4 PPM of chlorine helps to prevent cross contamination. While the vast majority of customers that use the Aero-Spa™ system do not use a residual sanitizer, the EPA recommends 1 PPM of free chlorine as a back-up.
You must also clean the filter, as you did when you used chlorine and other chemicals. The filter should be cleaned on the same schedule as you were cleaning it before.
Maintenance on the unit itself is minimal. Check and clean the cooling fan intake once per month. Otherwise, the equipment will run without having to do other maintenance.

OSHA Regulations for Ozone

OSHA gives a 0.1 PPM per eight hours as a limit for ozone in an indoor work place. If the ozone increases above this, it could case shortness of breath, throat irritation and coughing. The Aero-Spa™ is designed for outdoor use. Ozone has a very distinctive odor. It is the smell that is in the air after a thunderstorm. When lightening streaks through the air, it splits the oxygen molecules and creates ozone.
Browse through our web page or call us for more information about the Aero-Spa™ equipment for your hot tub. Reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals and save money at the same time.