Being a hot tub owner since 1998 I have a lot of experience with the effects of hot tub water contamination. We live on an inland lake in Wisconsin. One of the popular sayings in Wisconsin is “if you don’t like the weather, wait an hour and it will change”. As our children were growing, they would frequently swim in the lake with their friends. Being in a northern climate, there are more months that the lake is “cooler” than comfortable.

What does that mean relative to your hot tub? Well, if your children are anything like mine, they would jump into the lake and then a short time later congregate in the hot tub to warm up. Inevitable, the water would go from clear to a shade of pea green by morning. Over the next several days, the hot tub chemist (my wife) would spend countless hours balancing the pH and chemical level to balance the water. Within the next days, the children would repeat the ritual of lake to hot tub.

During my work in the area of wastewater treatment I learned of the naturally occurring compound of ozone (O3) or tri-atomic oxygen. Ozone happens to be one of the most powerful and fastest disinfectants known. Many time more effective than chlorine or bromine, ozone reverts back to oxygen (O2) after reaction. The conversion from ozone to oxygen occurs within 20 minutes at 70F. Because ozone is very reactive, it cannot be manufactured and stored for later use. Therefore, ozone must be manufactured on-site and used as produced.

Over the past 10 years, we have developed high output and robust equipment that is easily applied. This equipment is now known as Aero-Spa™. Many people ask,”Why is the Aero-Spa™ different from the built-in ozone generator that my hot tub came with”? The difference stems from fundamental process design and ozone output. The majority of built-in ozone generators are UV light based versus corona discharge based. Most built in ozone generators are UV light based. Many of these designs are limited to about 50 mg/hr of ozone production. This output is simply not adequate to clean the water. On the other hand, the Aero-Spa™ ozone generation system is based on a high output corona discharge design. Our ozone generator is 5x more powerful. This fundamental difference enables our product to keep your water clear … automatically!

For the past 10 years our hot tub has been chemical free! During this time, the water has always been crystal clear, even after the children bring the lake water into the hot tub. We spend absolutely no time maintaining the hot tub water. The other advantage is we save over $600 per year on chemicals. We no longer get rashes from the effects of the harsh chemicals. During the days of chemical use, we had constant foaming whenever the jets were turned on. This problem is also eliminated. If you want the lowest maintenance and most refreshing hot tub experience, you must try the Aero-Spa™ product!