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Installs in any Hot Tub in minutes without tools!

Abbreviated steps – follow all steps in installation guide provided with product

  • Place the Aero-Spa™ enclosure within 20′ of Hot tub in an area that is not prone to temporary flooding.
  • Connect the ozone tube to the check valve.
  • Gently lower the diffuser into the Hot tub while routing the ozone tube over the sidewall of the Hot tub at the center adjacent to the cover hinge.
  • Plug the timer into the nearest GFCI protected 120 volt outlet.
  • Plug the Aero-Spa™ into the timer.
  • Set the timer to the current time of day.

Installation complete!

For a detailed description, please click on the link Aero-Spa™ Installation Guide

See our recommended fill/start-up procedure