Typical outdoor hot tubs are the heated and circulated water filled tanks that are often used as a source of relaxation and as a form of therapy. Hot tubs are traditionally made out of durable plastics and wood and are available in many different shapes and sizes with varieties specially made to fit as little as two people to as many as ten people.

Hot tubs are usually heated with electric or natural gas heaters and are routinely treated with chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. But the trouble with the chemical treatments is that not only are they harmful to our health, they are also hazardous to the environment, time consuming and often very expensive. And while there are more natural chemicals available, they are often just as expensive and time consuming to use as the chlorine and bromine. But, sanitizing the water is imperative in order to keep the water free of dangerous organisms that are attracted by warmer water.

It is important to mention a balanced pH in the hot tub water is key to a pleasurable and relaxing hot tub experience. A balanced pH means the human skin will not suffer the consequences of acidic or basic water.

The healthiest and most time and cost effective way to treat hot tubs are with the use of ozone technology. Ozone technology or active oxygen is the earth friendly oxidant that is thousands of times faster than chlorine to oxidize hot tub water contaminants. It effectively removes bacteria, mildew, mold and viruses without the any harmful by-products. In fact, hot tubs that are treated with this technology experience the same quality results as chemical treated tubs only without the hassle, health and environmental concerns.

Installation of this hot tub water conditioner usually takes no more than 15 minutes and, with the exception of vacuuming and netting of outside debris, the Aero-Spa will work efficiently and maintenance free for a long time.

Hot tubs are effective at creating a positive and relaxing environment all year round and the last thing that users should have to be concerned with is jeopardizing their health with chemicals. Chemicals, such as Chorine, bromine and hydrochloric acid, take away the negatives of the hot tub while adding new negatives in its place. Ozone technology is the cleanest and easiest way to maintain the health of hot tubs.