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How it Works

The Aero-Spa™ system is a high output ozone generator that is five times more powerful than a built-in ozone generator. Becuase of the high output it becomes the primary sanitizer of the water. The Aero-Spa™ system can be installed in minutes without tools.

Ozone was discovered in the 1800’s. It is commonly referred to as active oxygen or trioxygen. It is one of the most powerful oxidants known and is several thousand times faster than chlorine. Ozone cannot be stored. Therefore, it must be manufactured on site using special equipment. The molecular symbol is O3.


The equipment used to generate ozone is called a corona discharge cell. This device creates a high voltage arc within the cell. As air passes through the cell it splits the O2 molecules into two O atoms. These free O atoms attach to unsplit O2 molecules forming O3 (ozone). The third O atom has a loose bond and is therefore very unstable. When the ozone comes in contact with organic material e.g. bacteria, body oil, soaps, etc., it gives up the third atom to oxidize these organic materials. After the reaction (release of the O atom), the ozone reverts back to O2.

How Do We Achieve a Virtually Chemical Free Spa / Hot Tub?

At the heart of the Aero-Spa™ system is a high output corona discharge ozone generator. The Aero-Spa™ ozone system produces 5 X the amount of ozone that built-in ozone generators produce. Because built-in ozone generators have no direct user controls the UL/ANSI standard sets off-gassing limits. Therefore, they must limit the ozone output. The Spa / Hot Tub manufacturers cannot obtain a virtually chemical free spa / hot tub. The Aero-Spa™ ozone system has user interface controls so the ozone generator can be shut off while the Spa / Hot Tub is in use.

What is a Virtually Chemical Free Spa / Hot Tub?

Our customers have been using the Aero-Spa™ system as the primary water treatment process for years without harsh chemicals. Because we cannot control how your hot tub is used/maintained and according to the EPA we must recommend maintaining at least 1 PPM of an approved residual sanitizer to minimize cross contamination of users. To put this into perspective, the EPA recommends 4 PPM residual chlorine in public drinking water, so the concentration of chlorine will be 4x less than the water you drink or bathe in. To obtain a 1 PPM ratio in a 500 gallon hot tub, you would need to add about 0.63 OZ (1.25 tablespoons) of regular household bleach (6% sodium hypochlorite). If you substitute swimming pool chlorine (10% – 15% sodium hypochlorite) you would need about half as much.

In a hot tub without ozone, much of the chlorine reacts with compounds such as body oil, perspiration, etc to form chloramines. Chloramines have no sanitizing ability and produce the harsh “chlorine” smell. Because of the superior oxidizing ability of ozone, these compounds are quickly reduced and filtered out. The keeps the chlorine free to work as a sanitizer if needed in adverse conditions.

Balancing Hot Tub pH